The Edge

Peter & Sarah Mueller
Joshua & Acelyn Scharmann
Dave Collins

Clustered in the halls of Ripon Grace are small knots of teens.  The highest concentration of them can be found the large room in the northwest corner—the Youth Room.  These mild-mannered students are the future.   Tomorrow they will be our civil servants, our care-givers and our leaders.

Today American teens face more dangerous choices, inner struggles, and life stresses than any previous generation.  Ripon Grace is a safe supportive place for students to find mentors, friends, and most importantly guidance from God’s Word.

Sunday Mornings @ 9:15 – We meet to discuss the Gospel Project and we see Jesus in every part of the Bible.  Dave Collins & Scharmanns

Monday Night Youth @ 7:00 – Join us for fun and games as well as serious discussion about tough life questions.  Muellers & Scharmanns

Thursday Lunch – During the school year we serve hot, delicious food to high schoolers.  We sit in small groups and listen to an encouraging message or chat at our tables…for about 20 minutes, then it’s time to jet back to class.  Pastor Rex Rodgers